Saya ketemu artikel ini di /ton/ (yang aslinya punya 4chan) dan secara serius saya bilang memang betul.

Bekerja (atau setidaknya hidup di kalangan orang yang bekerja) itu merupakan turning point kehidupan. Kalau tidak mengalami ini, kita tidak bisa paham betapa kompleks nya hal yang kita sebut dengan Lingkungan Sosial.

Pernahkan anda berpikir kalau kenapa orang lain begitu tolol dan bodoh! Kenapa mereka melakukan hal semacam itu?! Anda mungkin berpikir bahwa anda adalah manusia jujur dan baik hati di dunia ini.

-From this point, I'll go english. Sorry for my bad english before

But, well shit. Despite of that, we still can have enemies... or at least a person who hates our guts.

ENEMIES. Snipe you from the back. They won't be humble creature who will wait you take your shiny lucky underwear before facing them

Why? That's the problem sir. We couldn't pinpoint the exact position of our douchebag-ness. I won't talk about Quantum Mechanics, but in the end, like the picture above said, we cannot calculate our own invalidity in every action

Now, you have 2 different value which is corresponding each other... Wait I did tell you that I won't talk about this right?

Joining the society means you contribute something, and that 'something' is the value of YOU in their eyes. You need to get highest value you can get to make the society respect you, or heck even worship you. And the value of contribution is equivalent with word success (except you're really kind guy who works on charity... You get my respect dude, not giving up with money, woman and throne. But I want to be Batman who get rich first then holy contribution later)
Job? Checked. Charity? Checked. Fighting Crazy People on Your Town while you have midnight snack? Checked.

Sad thing is, most of the time you need network, you need people who's already or in the way of success. Except you're some genius who can make money with pooping your hand or something. Let's assume that you can't.

You need somebody else to success. You need reliable partner, you need good girlfriend who wont bug you with every single complain about how miserable her life is, you need to deal with dirty tattoo-ed guy on your way home so that they won't squeeze your pocket, you need a good neighbor that won't stab you in the back and won't fuck your dog behind your back.

We're Social Creature... wait.. Wrong Image.

See, if you think over it, the world of society is really complex. It's easier sitting behind your computer, doing net business (which is I have to tell you to be careful with fraud. No need to thank me. Okay go on net business if you're the one who suck their money, but hell I won't be tricked) trolling fools or leech your parents money while watching animu and collecting plastic waifu. Once you enter the society, you become one of them, you're belong to The Wired. No kidding.
Like this... This is so called Butterfly Effect... damn I did tell you I wont use this referencing technique, didn't I?

Your action that you think the greatest thing you can offer is not respected. Being young as I am, you struggle with the static yet experienced elder. Silently follow their order. Sometimes you know that it's for greater good, but sometimes it's just silly things you've never thought before.

It's not. Fuck you

I have long ago, faced the fact, that I'm not what I wanted to be. I wanted to be Batman, who sacrifice more than his ton of gold to save people. But I can't, I never be. I've become the ordinary man, who is selfish. I prefer give my money to my sister first rather than donating to Africa. I prefer shutting my mouth or complaining in low voice about the wicked conspiracy in front of my eyes rather than actually report it.

I see... Even if I report them, They will kill me later. Please, spare my HDD, it's full of porn. I want you to take care of my best friend.

The world I saw wasn't this complex. It's all about good things and bad things. But now that I join the society I can't even stand on my justice. I grip justice, yet I can't fight without it. Sometimes the evil things are not evil and some good things have ulterior motives

I thought It was battle of Evil for Greater Good and Corrupted Justice. But then Fujoshi turned it into never ending fantasy of them happily taking up in the ass.

I'm not in the position to lecture you, I just explaining my point of view. I'm being Captain Obvious right now. There's a lot things going around my head and my surrounding recently. The world is changing so fast like there's no tomorrow.

Yes. I know. I was that naive.


APA YANG SAYA TULIS?! I don't even... well shit. I write what ever crossed my mind.

Yang jelas mengisi vakum di Literature Club Room. Saya sedang menulis LN tentang high school life yang bakal di rilis dalam bentuk 1 vol full. Days Witchcraft masih lanjut walau tidak secepat progress side project saya yang satu ini. 

See ya. And don't think over it too much. You'll just get headache

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